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Food plays a huge part in how we as people celebrate with each other. So it makes sense that during the holidays, we eat lots of big, rich meals.

As someone with IBS, I still stick to my restricted diet of avoiding gluten, soy, and dairy over the holidays. But I often come out of it feeling sick due to the increased amount of rich foods I consume.

One of my go-to solutions for detox when I’m feeling this way, along with kombucha and apple cider vinegar, is yoga for digestion.

When I’m feeling sick (and probably gassy and bloated), I don’t ┬ánecessarily want to trek to my local yoga studio for a class. Over the past few years, I’ve found some amazing, free yoga videos that I love following at home. I’m sharing them today as a holiday gift for you ­čÖé

Whether you have IBS, other digestive issues, or your digestive system is just feeling the strain of the holidays, check out these videos and feel better.

Yoga for Digestion: 5 Great Videos

Yoga with Adriene, Yoga for Digestive Flow

Adriene Mischler is an Austin-based yoga teacher whose YouTube channel boasts almost 300 videos. She has filmed a ton of full-length sequences, from basic vinyasa to yoga for a broken heart. If you’re a beginner, Adriene has a Foundations of Yoga series to help you get your poses just right.

If you want to start an at-home yoga practice, I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene. Her videos are the ones I choose most often when practicing at home.


Tara Stiles, Yoga for Holiday Meal Digestion

I am a huge fan of Tara Stiles; she was a leader in bringing yoga to YouTube and helping the practice become more mainstream.

I love Tara’s teaching style because she manages to be clear and concise in her directions while still leaving room for you to do what feels best for your body. Enjoy this yoga for digestion video that she made with LivestrongWoman a few years ago.


Yoga with Kassandra, Yin Yoga for Digestion

I have come to love yin yoga over the past year. This style of yoga is characterized by its slow pace; postures may be held for several minutes at a time.

At first, yin yoga felt very slow to me, but I have come to love it as an opportunity for meditation and deep stretching for my body.

Above is a yin yoga sequence specifically for digestion.


Steffy White, Digestion – Useful Yoga

This video comes from a series called Useful Yoga from Tonic, which includes yoga for everything from insomnia to a hangover. They also have a great video for IBS relief here.


Yoga by Candace, 12 Minute Yoga for Digestion

Candace is another prolific YouTube yoga instructor, regularly posting new videos on her channel. Her voice and directions are super calm and soft, and she has some great guided meditation videos.


What are your go-to detox solutions during the holidays? If you try these videos, let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Yoga for Digestion: 5 Great Videos | via
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