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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Knitted hats are my love language.

I’m always inventing new spins on the basic slouchy knit hat, which is in itself a classic. But when I make hats for so many people, I want my friends and family to have something unique.

I love this ombre knit hat because it’s eye-catching while remaining low-key. You can make a lot of color combinations work, and it’s a great way to use up some of your stash.

I recently found myself with a lot of leftover blue chunky yarn, so I decided to base the color scheme for this hat in blue. I’ll share a few other possible combinations below.

So grab your circular needles and get ready to knit up a quick, fun hat. Happy stitching!

Ombre Knit Hat

Ombre Knit Hat - Free Pattern | via

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Pom Pom

Color Ideas

Here are some other fun color combinations you could use for this hat!

Ombre Knit Hat - Free Pattern | via

A. Raspberry, B. Blossom, C. Celebration

Ombre Knit Hat - Free Pattern | via

A. Cilantro, B. Lemongrass, C. Celebration


Ombre Knit Hat - Free Pattern | via
This hat is Finch-approved.
  1. With Color A, cast on 44 stitches + 1 (45 stitches).
  2. Join by slipping the last stitch from the right needle onto the left needle. Knit this stitch and the next stitch on the left needle together. You now have 44 stitches. Place stitch marker at beginning of round.
  3. Rows 1-8: k2, p2 rib (2 inches)
  4. Knit all the way across with Color A for 2 more inches (4 inches long).
  5. Switch to Color B. Knit for 4 inches (8 inches long).
  6. Switch to Color C. Knit for 1 inch (9 inches long).
  7. k9, k2tog, repeat across (40 stitches)
  8. k8, k2tog, repeat across (36 stitches)
  9. k7, k2tog, repeat across (32 stitches)
  10. k6, k2tog, repeat across (28 stitches)
  11. k5, k2tog, repeat across (24 stitches)
  12. k4, k2tog, repeat across (20 stitches)
  13. k3, k2tog, repeat across (16 stitches)
  14. k2, k2tog, repeat across (12 stitches)
  15. k1, k2tog, repeat across (8 stitches)
  16. k2tog, repeat across (4 stitches)
  17. Switch over to the double pointed needles when the hat becomes too small for the circular needles.
  18. Cut the yarn about 6 inches out from the hat. Draw it through the 4 remaining stitches and pull tight. Bring the tail inside the hat to hide it.
  19. Weave in ends.
  20. If you’d like to add a pom pom, there’s a DIY tutorial in this post. If you’re using one strand of yarn instead of two, wrap it around the pom pom maker 40 times instead of 20.

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy ombre knit hat pattern! You can check the pattern out on Ravelry here, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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Ombre Knit Hat - Free Pattern | via

Ombre Knit Hat - Free Pattern | via

Ombre Knit Hat - Free Pattern | via

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