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Friday Five is a series to let you in on my five favorite events, people, places, articles, and products from the week. Enjoy! This post contains affiliate links. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

The school year is rapidly coming to a close! Summer is so close that I can taste it, but the end of the school year also comes with unique stressors and a longer to-do list. I’m relying on these five favorite things from the week more than ever. Here’s what is pushing me through to the end of the school year!

1. Kat Goldin’s blog and Instagram

An American living on a Scottish farm with her family, Kat’s blog and Instagram account are, first, so beautiful. But I am obsessed with her Instagram stories and daily videos about Scottish farm life. There are sometimes sheep in the house!

2. My essential oils diffuser

This diffuser was a gift from my dad for my birthday, and it has spent the past month on almost 24/7.

I move it between the living room and my bedside table. My home smells great, and I’m sleeping so well.

My current favorite oils are eucalyptus, ylang ylang, bergamot, and sweet orange.

3. Mountains this weekend!

Friday Five 5.26.17 | via

It has been a minute since I’ve visited the mountains, and I am so excited for the opportunity this long weekend! I have dreams of hikes, hot springs, and bike rides. We’ll see how much we can fit in over the three days.

4. This fascinating essay

Alex Tizon shares a frank and fascinating piece about growing up in a family who had immigrated to the United States with a slave. His honesty and self-reflection are beautifully written and provide a window into a world that I had not previously considered. Tizon passed away shortly after writing this piece. It is absolutely worth a 20-minute read.

5. End-of-Year achievements

Friday Five 5.26.17 | via

As crazy as the end of the year can feel, it’s also so fun. We get to recognize students’ hard work and achievements with awards and wrap up learning with fun activities. Yesterday, we took a walking field trip to a nearby mailbox to mail persuasive letters our students had written to leaders as their last writing assignment. It was simple but so much fun, and a perfect way to practice a real-life skill.

What’s keeping you going this week? How are you planning on spending the three-day weekend?

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  1. Wow I love Kat’s instagram too what stunning photos of her little farm…. have fun in the mountains! I live in upstate NY and love the mountains just as much as you do 🙂 SO much to do and so much peace.

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