Friday Five 6.2.17 - summer plans, reading list, and workout recovery! | via

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There’s so much to celebrate this week! Yesterday was my last day of teaching for the 16-17 school year, and I finished Whole30 on Tuesday! I’m so excited for this summer and a change of pace. Read on for all of my favorite things from this week.

1. More workouts mean more recovery.

I’ve been working out and running a lot more lately. My body feels strong and energized, while being a bit sore and tired at the same time.

This video is my current go-to yoga routine for recovery from tough workouts. I recommend giving it a try!

2. Building my summer reading list.

Summer is when I get the bulk of my reading done, and I’m hoping that this year will be no exception.

I’m starting off this summer by reading My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul. Paul, the editor of the New York Times Book Review, writes an autobiography of her reading self and recording each reading selection in her Book of Books (Bob).

I’m only a few chapters in, but as an avid reader since childhood, I relate to Paul’s perspective on remembering her life through what she was reading at the time; her desire to collect, have, touch books; and her use of “mumblenyms” – words you mispronounce because you’ve only ever read them and haven’t heard them out loud, a bane of people who identify as readers.

I’m excited to dive further into this book and have even started my own Book of Books!

3. Whole30 is complete!

Friday Five 6.2.17 - summer plans, reading list, and workout recovery! | via

I finished my first Whole30 on Tuesday! It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, and it makes me really happy to know that I can always come back to it when I’m not feeling well.

I shared a post about the lessons I’m taking from Whole30, as well as my next steps. Read it here.

4. Summer is here!

A not-so-secret secret: Teachers look forward to summer just as much as students do. On the docket: poolside reading, long walks, traveling home to see my family, a trip to Belize (!), and NAATE.

Friday Five 6.2.17 - summer plans, reading list, and workout recovery! | via

5. Always looking ahead with The Together Teacher.

Another secret that is maybe actually a secret: Teachers work a lot during the summer.

Yes, I have some fun trips planned, and I’m not going to neglect the pool, but I’ll spend the first two weeks of summer curriculum planning with my network, and NAATE is 10 days of intense professional development at the end of the summer. Don’t worry; I’m excited for both!

Beyond that, teachers often seek out their own learning through the summer months.

One awesome (and free!) resource that I want to share is Coursera’s Together Teacher training.

A few years ago, my network brought Maia Heick-Merlin, the author of The Together Teacher, in to train all of us on planning and organization. I don’t exaggerate when I say that this training changed my life and has allowed me a more sustainable work-life balance than I had in my first few years of teaching.

I’m now obsessed with the Together Teacher blog, and I gush about the system’s benefits to pretty much anyone who will listen. Heick-Merlin also recently released another book, The Together Leader, for non-teachers who want to increase their effectiveness through organization and planning.

If you have a little time this summer, I highly recommend reading the book or completing the training.

What are you celebrating this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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