5 Travel Workout Videos to stay healthy when you're on the go! They require minimal equipment, and tips for travelers with digestive issues (IBS, IBD) are shared as well! | via scoutandwiles.com

Somehow, my summers always end up filled with more trips than I expect. I’m definitely not complaining, but staying in shape and healthy while taking three different trips in a month is a challenge.

Whether I’m road tripping, flying to another continent, or visiting family, I want a travel workout that can be done in a hotel room and doesn’t require much equipment.

I also know that my digestive health can suffer when I’m traveling. The stress of details, as well as eating out often really impact my digestive system. But staying consistent with exercise supports digestive function and keeps me feeling healthy.

These 5 travel workout videos offer just that. You won’t need to hunt down any dumbells. If you can’t pack a mat, you can use a towel or just work out on the floor. At the most, you’ll want sturdy shoes and possibly some resistance bands.

Let’s get sweating!

5 Travel Workout Videos

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1. 10-Minute Abs from Tone It Up

This 10-minute ab workout from Tone It Up doesn’t require any equipment. It will leave your abs feeling sore and you feeling accomplished.

2. Revitalizing Yoga Flow from Yoga with Adriene

This flow will help you release tension in your shoulders and loosen up from traveling.

3. 45 Minute HIIT & Total Body Toning Tabata Workout from Fitness Blender

I use this workout when I’m starting to feel antsy while traveling. Maybe I’ve been stuck in the car or have eaten out at restaurants too many times. This HIIT workout is intense and decimates any anxiety or tension I’ve been feeling within myself.

4. 12-Minute Booty Burn with Resistance Bands from Tone It Up

Can you tell that I love Tone It Up? Their positive attitudes and fun workouts keep me motivated, so I like taking them on the road with me too. The booty workout is simple but intense when completed with resistance bands. These are the ones that I use.

5. Yoga for Digestion from Tonic

As I mentioned, my digestive system often takes a hit when I’m traveling, so being prepared with exercises specifically for digestion is really helpful. This yoga practice is lovely and can provide relief when my IBS symptoms come up.

BONUS: Go for a run or a walk!

This one is so simple; you just need a pair of shoes and a place to go. Running and walking while traveling keeps me from feeling antsy and supports digestive function.

What are your favorite ways to work out while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

5 Travel Workout Videos to stay healthy when you're on the go! They require minimal equipment, and tips for travelers with digestive issues (IBS, IBD) are shared as well! | via scoutandwiles.com
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  1. I love the digestion yoga! Whenever I travel my stomach just knows and goes haywire is this is handy. Hope you have a fun traveling summer!

    1. Thanks! My stomach definitely bothers me too – I think it’s the anxiety of all of the details when traveling. I hope the digestion yoga is helpful for you!

  2. I don’t usually work out when I travel but I’ve always thought I should start. Thanks for these great tips!

  3. I travel so much for work and I love using Youtube workouts I find but I’ve never seen these ones! I’ve also never thought to do yoga but what an awesome idea!

    1. I love yoga when traveling because you really don’t need any equipment. Let me know if you have any good video recommendations for traveling!

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