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Happy October!

This is the month of foggy runs, slow mornings lingering over cinnamon coffee, and second-guessing the weather as it decides what it’s doing. Thank goodness for layers.

I’m in a season of difficult emotions, and the cool weather and warm beverages are soothing my soul. Slowing down is currently my greatest goal.

This isn’t easy for me; I thrive on accomplishment and self-sufficiency. But every day of peace and a slowed heartbeat can be enough for me right now.

It’s just a season.

I’m listening to slow music, snuggling with my cats, and speeding through books.┬áCheck out my favorite fall reads here.

I’m indulging in classic autumn movies like Tanner Hall and Practical Magic. And I couldn’t be more excited about Alice Hoffman’s new book, the prequel to Practical Magic, The Rules of Magic. Its release day is October 10.

A new knitted hat pattern is coming on Thursday. I’m excited about this one and plan to wear it on walks to see houses decorated for Halloween.

I hope that you’re also able to slow down a bit this month. It seems like our bodies naturally want to hibernate a bit once the weather cools. But we so rarely follow our own natural rhythms.

Give yourself the opportunity to do something sweet and slow this week.

What are your favorite things about October?

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." - L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables  | via scoutandwiles.com

5 thoughts on “Welcome to October”

  1. My favorite things about fall and October are of course everything Halloween! I love Halloween movies and Halloween decor. I love the way it feels outsit (on a good day in Florida). I love pumpkin spice and pumpkin flavored everything. It’s all these things that feel like fall even when the weather doesn’t.

  2. Love the cozinesa of this post! I enjoy watching the leaves change, “visiting the pumpkin patch and apple orchards. Hoping it might cool down just enough to get in the baking mood!

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