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My name is Emmi. I’m a Denver-based Special Educator who has spent the past several years figuring out how to live in a body that isn’t great at digesting food.

That problem has led to a renewed love of cooking and baking, as well as discoveries about what makes me feel good. And because I believe that my life has improved significantly since beginning that process, I decided to share my ongoing journey here at Scout & Wiles.

What You Will Find Here

Through that journey, I have come to believe that my digestive health relies not only on what I eat but on balance in every aspect of my life. Scout & Wiles is designed to present a holistic view of health through four categories: Fill, Create, Live, and Learn.About  | via scoutandwiles.com

In Fill, you’ll find recipes for restricted diets. I avoid soy, lactose, and gluten (unless I’m eating sourdough) and am currently transitioning to a long-term Whole30/Paleo diet. I also share my processes for brewing kombucha and baking sourdough.

Create houses do-it-yourself projects. My education on food has sparked some new ideas about living more self-sufficiently, and I love working with my hands to create products that I use every day. This is where I share knitting and crocheting projects, how to make natural beauty products, and more.

In Live, I share the realities of daily life with digestive issues, as well as practical ways to reduce stress and anxiety. There are also posts about healthy travel and personal posts about my own life.

Finally, Learn serves as a catch-all for my ongoing education in self-sustainability. Here you may find reviews of books and documentaries, as well as interviews with those living a self-sufficient life. 

Where Else You Can Find Me

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Welcome to Scout & Wiles. I hope you find what you need here.


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